Pricing and Session Information

So you're probably asking yourself, just how much is it going to cost us to have this bright, witty and talented photographer, come all the way out to our beach house, spend an hour or so chasing my crazy family around on the beach, doing his very best to make all the ladies look young and thin, each child look angelic and sweet, all the while keeping things rolling smoothly so that we get all the images you want, but also doing it in a timely manner so that the men of the family don't start crying FOUL, because they want to get back to fishing, watching sports, drinking or whatever it is they do while they are on vacation..........whew......for someone that can handle all of that and get GREAT images.....that's going to cost ya. :)

 Ok, so here's what you get:

You get to talk to my lovely wife Rhonda on the phone or via email and she's going to make sure you get the very best customer service that you've ever received in your life. Yes, she's that good. I have clients all the time tell me that if I wasn't already married to her, that I should marry her.........they think she's the sweetest soul ever! I can't compete with that, so I'll just stick to taking pretty pictures. :)

You get ME, Jeff Pennell as the photographer. How cool is THAT! Not everyone can be so lucky. :)

I'll be coming to you, there's absolutely no need for you to get everyone all dressed up, pile them in several cars and drive them down the island to another patch of sand that is going to look almost EXACTLY like the patch of sand out in front of your very own beach house. (I should charge extra for this service, but seem like a nice person...I'll throw it in for free..just don't tell anyone.)

I'm going to take soooooooooooo many great photographs of your family. I'm going to do it quickly and in an organized manner. I'll see that all the smaller children get their images done first, BEFORE they go into total meltdown mode. (yes, it happens.......I've seen it and it isn't pretty)

We are going to get every possible combination you can think of. Full Group, Grandparents w/grand kids, Grandparents with their adult children, each family unit, each couple, each child, all the grandkids together, the list goes on and me I've got this photo thing on the beach figured out. Shoot a lot of different shots, you can't say no to all the great shots, you buy lots of wife gets new shoes and I get to live at the beach for another year. secret is out. :)

After the session I'm going to edit through all the shots I've taken of your family and place the very best images up online for everyone to Oooh and ahhh at from the comfort of their own home. We are going to keep them up online for 14 days giving everyone plenty of time to make their selections. Isn't technology wonderful!

We NEVER charge by the person!

You're paying for my time there that evening and I want to make sure you get all the images you could possibly want, regardless of how many people it ends up being in the shots. We are only limited by the amount of daylight mother nature gives us each evening.


All-Inclusive Pricing

A $300 retainer is required to hold your session.

price includes:

  • Beach Session Fee (45min-90min)
  • Online Viewing for 14 days
  • 6 8x10 Deluxe Prints or equivalent
  • Hi-Res Digital Downloads for All Family Members
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee


If you've made it this far and you would like to have more information about how to reserve a session time for your family. Just go to the Contact Info and send us a request and we'll make sure you get everything you need.