I could use this space to blow my own horn and tell you all about the wonderful awards I've never won for my photography. I could mention all the affiliations I have with these great organizations with important sounding names. But I'll not bore you with all the blah, blah, blah you'll see on most every other photographers site. What you REALLY want to know is, can and will we be able to take beautiful portraits of your wild, often unruly and ever growing family, while at the same time keeping it fun and entertaining. The answer is YES, absolutely........your search is over. :)

 So how did we end up here in Emerald Isle? Wow, I'm so glad you asked that, I love talking about myself, so here's the Reader's Digest version.....

 After visiting Emerald Isle to photograph a friends wedding back in May 2005, my wife and I decided it was time for us to simplify our life a little. We went back home to our growing little photography studio and started putting the wheels in motion for us to move our family to Emerald Isle. A little over 7 months later, we had closed down our downtown studio, closed our mall studio, sold our home and made our way here to Emerald Isle on a complete leap of faith. (this should stir up visions of the Beverly Hillbilly's riding into town in that AWESOME truck they had!)

 In April 2006 we did our very first family beach session and I guess you could say the rest is history. Since that first session we have had the pleasure of photographing well over 550+ family sessions here on the beaches around Emerald Isle. That experience is absolutely invaluable to our clients when it comes to knowing how to handle the changing winds and weather conditions we have to work with here on the beach. Wow, that sounded impressive didn't it. Kinda sounds like I'm part meteorologist and part photographer, when actually I'm just a huge fan of the Weather Channel and a darn good guesser. (picture me standing on the beach, licking my finger and holding it up in the air.......yep.....winds blowing from that direction right there...) If you haven't noticed already, I like to joke around and have a good time......when we are having a good time.......we get great shots........its a proven fact, just take a look around my site at all the smiling faces. :)

 I'm a self taught photographer, coming from back in the day of shooting slide film, when you actually had to know a little something about photography to get a decent image. Nothing like now days, where pretty much anyone with $800 can walk into a Wal-mart as a nobody and walk back out with a camera and a lens, calling themselves a professional "faux-tographer." Hey, I own some really nice pots and pans.........doesn't that make me an Iron Chef! Hello...Food Network......I'm right here! :)

 If you call or email us about a session, your first contact will more than likely be with my wonderful wife Rhonda. She's our resident SUPERHERO. (She made me write that...honestly...she's looking over my shoulder right now as I type this.) She does so much around here, she handles everything from booking appointments, answering client emails, invoicing, packing and shipping print orders out to clients. On top of all that, everyday she also home schools our very very talkative 12 year old daughter Maggie. I would never be able to do what I do out on the beach each evening, without her keeping everything straight here in our home office.

 We celebrated our 27th wedding anniversary in 2016 and we've worked side by side everyday in this business for the last 14 years. We have really enjoyed working with so many families to make sure they have great beach portraits that will be enjoyed by many generations to come. (awwww....that's kinda sappy, but it's soooo true!)

 Enough about us........tell me about yourself and your crazy mixed up family that you're brave enough to spend a week at the beach in Emerald Isle with. What were YOU thinking!